Podruga releases new single "Sasha in Furs"

Podruga, electropop project of Alise Stefanoviča, offers the latest single – a hypnotic dance floor anthem “Sasha in Furs”.

The song was released after a break of almost two years, during which Podruga performed intensively, including in such significant places as Tallinn Music Week, Positivus Festival and the Palladium concert hall. In the meantime, there were also changes in the composition of musicians, as a result of which Podruga became a solo project of the vocalist, lyricist and producer Alise Stefanoviča.

“Sasha in Furs” is an ode to muse, a playful nod to The Velvet Underground and an anthem for every young heart who has ever dreamed under a strobe light. “Lyrics of the song are made up of conversations that occurred between the main character Sasha and me,” says Alise. “The song tells about a special friendship born on the background of Riga’s nightlife and beauty that can be seen in the people around you.”

In early 2019, a music video will be released to the single.

“Sasha in Furs” was recorded at studio "SKAN", in Riga. Guitarist Roberts Bergs from rock band Krāsa and producer Kaspars Greizis participated in the recording of the song.