Ed Rallidaepresents a new song “Masterpiece”

“This pause wasn’t wasted at all. I gave full attention to my health. Slowly and carefully I’m prepping my own musical material.” says Ed Rallidae (Edvards Grieze).

Participation in Supernova 2018 proved to be beneficial in terms of schooling, and serves as a driving force for steady development.

“With this song I wanted to present the real Ed Rallidae and what this alter-ego really stands for”. It definitely wasn’t a teenage rebel yell. This song actually is a very personal revelation – a dedication to a beautiful soul, who came into my life after a lengthy period of doubts and fears.”

“Even more, I am most delighted to collaborate with Roberts Pētersons. Without a doubt, I can say that I’ve found my producer. Yes, Roberts is a producer with a capital letter! A multi-instrumentalist and a person, whose talent cannot be disclosed with bare words in the best sense!” Ed Rallidae commenting the collaboration with singer and producer – Roberts Pētersons.

Roberts Pētersons the new collaboration: “Edvards knew the sound of this particular song in the very beginning, that’s why we tried to manifest his vision of this single as accurately as possible in order encode the unique taste of the musician. The song draws you in from the very first piano keystrokes. I’m impatiently waiting to search for new sounds and work on the next songs by Ed Rallidae!”