Makree, David Harks - Behind the Blinds

Makree and David Harks met during a trip David to Riga in the fall of 2018 in Latvia, instantly striking up a friendship and a deep love of indie dance music as they began testing out some ideas.

Citing the influences of conscientious storytelling house legends Hot Chip, the analogue synth pop
elements of Superorganism and the straight ahead maturity of Gorgon City productions, Makree and Harks decided to continue working together - this time Makree visited David in Berlin during
one weekend, shutting the door on its busy nightlife, carving out there song - Behind the Blinds .

A foray into lyrically lead melodic house and repetition, Behind the Blinds lays a support to a
combination of DIY synth elements and warm bass on an overlay of Makree’s demanding house
productions, the songs essence is calmly complimented by David’s chilled and melodic abstract

Makree brings as always his signature production style to the singles release with an additional
immersively strong rework of the songs original - with his own club remix, aiming to lift the spirits
of the listener as well as command a stillness in the lyrical message, Behind the Blinds reveals a
strong potential between both of these writers.