GeraiGerai releases remix of Aminata’s single Fighter.

Lithuanian producer GeraiGerai has just released a new remix of Latvian singer’s Aminata single Fighter.



GeraiGerai is a big fan of Aminata so he was really eager to remix her music. “Aminata is definitely by far my favorite Latvian artist. She is super talented, very interesting and energetic. It would be a mistake not to work with her!”

Producer also states that it was important to have the original characteristics of the song in the remix as well. “I decided that this remix has to have a summer vibe because the song itself is alternative pop and I don’t think that two very different versions of one song would be interesting. While making this remix I stepped out of my comfort zone and traditional sound, but I’m extremely happy with the result. I love how it sounds in a car, while I’m driving around empty streets in the middle of the night. To me that’s the ultimate test to see whether remix is a good one or not. Now I can just hope that other DJ will like it and it will be played everywhere this summer!”

“GeraiGerai first suggested that we should cooperate in winter but then we weren’t really sure what we could do together plus I was really busy with making my new record. Fighter has a rather alternative sound so I wanted something happier for the summer. I love how GeraiGerai has cached the vibe of the song, I like how the remix sounds and I hope that the both of us won’t be the only ones who like this version,” laughs Aminata.

GeraiGerai is a Lithuanian DJ and producer that has won Lithuanian Music Records award M.A.M.A. for best debut in 2012. He has shared the stage with many music superstars such as Moby, Gus Gus, Jimi Tenor and Skye. Aminata at the moment is working on her next album Red Moon and concert with the same name that will be held in Palladium Riga on 13th of October.