“Ewert and The Two Dragons” and “BrainStorm” - present a new, sunny song "We wait for the light".

A bit more than one year has passed since the moment Renars Kaupers ("BrainStorm") and Evert Sundja ("Ewert and the Two Dragons") locked themselves in Renars’ home kitchen and started to work on a new song. By now, seven co-authors have joined the two "kitchen members" and as a result of this, a collaboration between the two bands has born - "Ewert and The Two Dragons" and "BrainStorm"  - present a new, sunny song "We wait for the light".

Once the demo was ready, the first recordings of the song took place in Tallinn, where the song got new melodic lines, but after the work with the song got stock for a while. Swedish friends of "BrainStorm" -  Povel Olsson and David Larson, came to the rescue and gave the song its final touches.

Ewert himself comments on the collaboration: “A little more than a year ago I got a call from an unidentified number.  Well, it turned out to be Renars Kaupers from "Brainstorm" who had a plan. And the plan was to write a song together. So that was exactly what we did, got together and started jamming. The result is here now - nice upbeat, kind of easygoing pop song with a summer-vibe.”

"We wait for the light" has been made with the power of three countries - Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. And with great happiness, we are sharing the song with you!