Markus Riva released music video for song "This Time"

Latvian musician and host of TV show X-Factor - Markus Riva just released new music video for his composition "This Time". Markus is also participating with this song at SUPERNOVA 2018 which is a National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest.
“This Time” was released in December, 2017 - a song that was written by 4 authors  - Markus Riva, Kaspars Ansons (produced music for Aminata, Aija Andrejeva and many more), Edgars Krastins and USA based musician - Quincy Lorel Thompson. 
Music video was made in Latvia - Markus plays a bachelor who is getting married. Music video is very emotional and dramatic, it reflects the meaning of the song and relationships that gone wrong. The main actress in music video is Ramona Lazda - fashion designer from Latvia who also takes care of Markus style. The main location in video is Rundales Palace - one of the most famous historical monuments in Latvia and Europe.
Music video was directed by Latvian director Pavel Trebukhin who previously also filmed other Riva’s music videos like “Laika Upe” and “Ne Zovi”. Song is available on Spotify, iTunes etc.