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Wondermakers release lyric video for their second single “Don’t Panic”

Latvian electronic pop duo releases their second single from the upcoming EP, which will come out 2022.

Music, lyrics and production - Līva Komarovska and Matīss Repsis.

The song “Don’t Panic” was made during the second wave of the pandemic. It’s based on our feelings, emotions, thoughts and fears while sitting at home during the lockdown.

The song's story is about the chaos during this weird time which has made people lonely and desperate. We should not be afraid of the unknown, so don’t judge a book by it’s cover because the truth could be an illusion. There is already a huge mess going around the world which consists of hate, fear and misunderstandings. So we want to keep calm during this storm.

We miss all the good times with our friends and family, unlike this period which feels like a cage.

We don’t ask much but we want to feel like we used to, spending time with our loved ones, friends and surrounding people.

The lyric video is by Didzis Bardo who has captured our daily emotions and feelings.

The song is available on all major streaming platforms:
Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube

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An indie rock band from Latvia “Tasteful” releases a song for summer evenings to enjoy beside a fireplace

New Latvian indie rock band “Tasteful” release their new song “Bonfire”. Inspired by the Lumineers and Ed Sheeran, This song was written by a campfire beside close friends.

“Bonfire” is about a selfless being, that gives all of its love, soul, and energy to others and asks nothing back. So we praise this being: “Don't burn out!”

The song recording was made with support from LaIPA. The band is releasing an acoustic live version of the song, which was filmed in a forest beside a campfire.

“Tasteful” members met while studying at Ventspils Music highschool. The members of band have developed their musical sound by playing in other ensembles, as well as in the Ventspils Big Band. The songwriter is the group’s main vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Gunārs Gaumigs, the group’s main guitarist and good spirit - Eduards Bariss, the groovy bassist Artis Patriks Mazalis and the energetic drummer - Markuss Ābelītis.

The members of the band intend to write music in creatively different music directions. Their compositions guide the listener through a journey of love, nature, and doubt, painting with sound effects and synths, including alternative, dream pop, and psychedelic rock flavors.

Each one of them have different musical interests, which fortunately connect together in the creative process, and that makes them full of taste or Tasteful.  

During the summer, the band has already played a handful of concerts, also supporting for the Latvian rock band “Dzelzs Vilks” during their concert in Pāvilosta.

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Pacific K releases new solo EP “Light Variations”

The new “Light Variations EP” is out on July 30, gathering 4 solo variations of the band's songs.

Listen to “Light Variations EP” on all major streaming platforms

While the band is on a creative break for a while, 2021 has started with new ideas, perspectives and energy for Kristaps. While also working on brand new songs and a couple of collaborations, he has re-imagined some of the songs from the band's LP “Light Between Oceans” (2020) into new solo versions that all come together on the new “Light Variations EP”. The EP combines minimalistic beats, vibey guitar sounds and the essentials - stories and melodies. One of the 4 songs featured on the EP is “White Wanderer” and it was the initial push towards the idea of an EP.

“Playing around with samples and minimalistic beats suddenly opened up a whole new world to me. I had never done that before. It was a chance for me to explore new sounds, strip the songs down to their bare minimum and then build them up again from a new perspective. I had a lot of fun in the process,” says Kristaps.

Each of the 4 songs from “Light Variations EP” will be accompanied by a simple, one-shot video filmed at Kristaps' countryside house and its surroundings.

Playing together since 2016, the Latvian four-piece includes Rihards Libietis (guitar), Nauris Babris (drums), Toms Kursitis (bass) and Kristaps Bedritis (vocals, guitar, songwriting). Pacific K released their debut EP “Blue Fall” in 2017, followed by the full-length studio album “Light Between Oceans” in 2020, gaining praise from their listeners, as well as some industry professionals. The album was rich and colourful in sound, featuring some additional instruments (flute, piano, trumpet, Arabic oud, hang drum, percussions), as well as a couple of guest artists, including the world-renowned French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz on the song “Castaway”.

Pacific K have many live gigs under their belt, including major festivals in Latvia (Positivus, Laba Daba, Playground, Piens Fest), RIGaLIVE showcase, shows in the Baltics and a few appearances at the global live concert series Sofar Sounds. In 2017, they opened for one of their influences – the British band Fink. In 2019, they appeared at a local late-night show, played several concerts, including a couple of gigs with the British band Eyre Llew and had their music featured in the documentary short “Mind Your Step”, as well as a promo video for the brand “BEE IN”.

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Latvian rapper ZEĻĢIS drops song “PUIKAS”

Latvian rapper ZEĻĢIS in collaboration with producer MCKN an rappers Ods and Goča release single “PUIKAS”.

‘’The song tells the story of an exciting and colorful path from the countryside to the city. All artists in this piece are from small towns hence the following topic seemed appropriate. To some small town have left bitter experience, while other have had the best years so far but now we all are in Riga where we try to fulfill or plans and go towards our dreams and doing what we love’’.

ZEĻĢIS is a rapper from Lēdmane and have started his activities less than two years ago he have released several singles, however has gained greater visibility through participation in “371 clique” project.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first collaboration with Ods and Goča, they have made rap group “mid”  and right at this moment are working on one of their first projects together.






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Mickeen with rapper Ods releases a song called “Lights Off”

Latvian electronic music producer Mickeen (Miks Pinzulis) in collaboration with Ods (Valters Grīnfogels) releases the track "Lights Off".

Ods about the song: Track lyrics are about all the negative things that one says to another even not knowing them personally. These words dishearten and ridicule a person so much that they don't even think they’re suitable for love. Later in the song the character finds someone who loves them voluntarily, despite the things which are said about them. I believe that all people, also those who do not express their feelings, will love with all their heart those who’ll see in them something more than complexes and defects which all people possess.

Song author is Mickeen and lyrics where made by Ods

This is the second track from Mickeen’s EP “Bad Habits” which comes out in late August. EP will contain artists such as Katrīna Kreile, Ods and Zeļģis.

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Latvian producer MICKEEN with singer Katrīna Kreile release a collaborative single “Bad Habits”

Electronic music producer MICKEEN (Miks Pinzulis) in collaboration with Katrīna Kreile on july 17, released the single "Bad Habits".

Katrīna Kreile about the song: Wanting something that you can’t have is one of the most annoying feelings ever, but it’s not something that we purposely choose to do, it’s a pattern that we can’t break that easily. This song is about how we often unconsciously catch feelings for the ones we can’t have while friend-zoning everyone else no matter how good they might be. And each time that happens, our guardian angels probably get very disappointed in our choices. They send us some great people into our lives because they only want what’s best for us, but unfortunately we get attracted only to the ones who are emotionally or physically unavailable. Sorry, guardian angels, there’s nothing we can do about it, just like with any other bad habits.

This is first single of Mickeen’s upcoming EP “Bad Habits”.

Song author - MICKEEN. Lyrics by Katrīna Kreile.

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Ovum released the second Taran & Lomov EP with tracks under their moniker Queer On Acid

After their Ovum Recordings debut last August the Latvian production and DJ duo Taran & Lomov makes a return to the legendary imprint this July. “New Path” EP includes four tracks produced under their two monikers: Taran & Lomov and Queer On Acid.
“We are truly happy to continue telling our music stories under the wing of such an iconic record company as Ovum,” according to the guys. “This time we produced four tracks united by a 4/4 techno vibe. We put a lot of dancefloor energy into these – something everyone really needs after the year of lockdowns.”
“Houseum” and “New Path” as Queer On Acid are made for those peak moments, while “Back Door” and “Voltage” as Taran & Lomov has more melodic layers making the whole EP suitable for both clubs and home or radio listening.
Ovum Recordings released Queer On Acid x Taran & Lomov “New Path” on July 9th, 2021. Get it from Beatport, Traxsource, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and other stores and streaming services.
Listen to it on Spotify.
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Latvian indie dance project Bel Tempo return with a new single and their first live show

The past 18 months have been tough for many, and isolation took its toll on all of us. Our new song FREE is a supportive letter to a friend who struggles to find his place in a world that had gone slightly mad, more so for some than others.

Soundcloud: Bel Tempo - Free

Celebrating a slow return to normal and their new song FREE, the guys form Bel Tempo will be playing their first ever live show this Friday at AOK Circus Festival.

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Rodion Gordin has recorded a summer song "Falling" with a British singer

After a one-year break, Riga DJ, songwriter and producer Rodion Gordin returns to music with his first single from 2021.  Previously known due to his musical collaboration with popular Latvian artists, as well as last year's collaboration with Ukrainian superstar Max Barskih.

Rodion's latest song "Falling" was recorded in collaboration with a singer Jana, who was born in Latvia, but at the age of 15 moved to England with her parents, where she now graduated with a Music degree.  Jana's songs were also played on the well-known BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. Jana wants to break the stereotypes in the music industry and represent more female producers and songwriters.

Rodion and Jana first met on Instagram and haven’t yet had a chance to meet in real life.

 "We worked remotely, that is now relevant and even stylish.  I wrote the music and lyrics for this song several months ago, but I couldn't figure out which of the Latvian artists it might suit.  Then, I was contacted on Instagram by Jana, who wanted me to listen to her new release.  We had never communicated before.  I immediately liked the timbre of her voice and I offered to record this song together, ”said Gordins.

The song was made in three countries:  "Jana added lyrics and recorded the vocals at home, in her home-studio in England, I entrusted the guitar solo to a friend in Moscow and then mixed and sampled everything in my studio in Latvia," says Rodion.

The new song "Falling" is available on all major streaming platforms around the world.

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A new international project Loud Sounding Empty Pots is releasing their first summer hit in several languages

A new international project Loud Sounding Empty Pots have released a self-titled summer hit, which is their first single.

The project features several Latvians – rapper Idus Abra, keyboardist Andris Kauliņš and guitarist Elvijs Grafcovs. Rapper Rokas Jama Grajauskas represents Lithuania. Spain and Brazil are represented in the project by two musicians each: the basist Jaume Guerra Mene and the vocalist Jordi Palau, and the percussionists Rodrigo Manfrinatti and Rafael Nascimento Rocha. The Serbian Goran Milosevic plays the drums while another percussionist in the project is Miguel Hernandez Giraldi from Chile.

The idea for such a project came up last year, when the lives of musicians all over the world had almost stopped, but the same could not be said about mutual communication. One evening Goran Milosevic, a drummer of the Serbian group Nakedband Belgrade, was testing his newly bought mics and sent a drum track to the guitarist of Latvian band Very Cool People Elvijs Grafcovs who is known as the world’s friendliest Latvian. Elvijs came up with harmonies solution, played guitar parts and thought that it would be good to add some synthesizer sounds to this.

The recording was sent to the keyboardist Andris Kauliņš. The track was missing some groovie bass part so it was sent to an old friend and comrade-in-arms of Elvijs from Valencia – Jaume Guerra Meneu, who plays in the bands Obrint Pas, Orxata Sound System and Jim War Brou. Logically, the song also needed a text… The project participants thought they could tell the adventurous story of musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two powerful freestyle hip-hop artists – Idus Abra from Latvia and Rokas Jama Grajauskas from Lithuania – were addressed. Knowing each other well, they thought to play with common proverbs used in both Latvia and Lithuania. It turned out that both Baltic nations had both “Shape iron while it's hot” and “Empty pots sounds loud and far away”, which then became the official name of this project.

Of course, there was no peace, so the idea to throw another language in the mix emerged, and Jaume Guerra Meneu recommended the Catalan singer Jordi Palau to sing the chorus of the song. It turned out that the proverbs of the Baltic nations also exist in Catalan, so he decided to use them in singing as well.

Brazilian musicians Rodrigo Manfrinatti and Rafael Nascimento Rocha, and percussionist from Chile – Miguel Hernandez Giraldi – took care of the feeling of a real Brazilian carnival in the bridge of the song. To make the result even more attractive, South American musicians also sang their vocal part in the song in Portuguese as they all three form Na-Lata Project.

The publisher of the new song is SIA Very Cool People, which is a publishing house and producer association established last year for various funk, jazz and soul music projects. This entry was made with the support of the LaIPA Creative Scholarship.

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