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Latvian rockers “Laime Pilnīga” release a new song- “Stop”

Song “Stop” is dedicated for all those who didn't know or care that for some people they are a hero. An inspiration for this one came from famous photo "Tank man". Latvian version “Divatā” is a story about desire, fear and indecision. Both versions of the song are available on all biggest music streaming platforms.

Song was recorded in bands own studio “Laimes Telpa” with bands guitarist Mārcis as sound engineer, and some parts with Mārcis Kalniņš in “Siguldas skaņu studija”. Song was mixed by Krišjānis Geidāns, mastered by Minerva Pappi from Waudio Mastering. Artwork by Miķelis Vīte.

Song was funded with the help of LaiPa (Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association).

The Latvian rock phenom “Laime Pilniga” embodies a rock`n`roll dream by combining elements of unique vocals, groovy rhythm section and virtuoso electric guitars. Fueled by true passion and outstanding musicianship band is a one of must see live acts from Baltic rock scene.

Laime Pilniga have released four studio albums - Dual (2011), LP (2015) Synergy and Waterlilies (2018) and “Atoms”(2019). All albums have been nominated as “Best rock/ metal album” in annual Latvian music awards “Zelta mikrofons”.

The band have toured a lot in Europe and shared stage with artists like: Three Days Grace, Anathema, Sinead o’Connor, Jake’s Lee Red Dragon Cartel, Mummiy Troll, Frank Turner, Skyforger and many others.

Band members:

Ervīns Ramiņš (Vocals), Mārcis Vasiļevskis (Guitars), Jānis Olekšs (Bass) and Elvijs Mamedovs (Drums & Percussion).

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Reinis Jaunais releases new surreal music video, together with Regan Awale from Nepal and other musicians

Reinis Jaunais recently released new animated music video for his song “Depths”. The song features several guest artists, including Regan Awale from Nepal, Ivars Štubis from Australia, Erna Daugaviete and Ernests Mediņš from Latvia.

The video was made by Reinis Jaunais's wife Laima Jaunā. She made this video inspired by a dream she once had. She describes the idea behind this surreal video: "Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of a night because of a mosquito buzzing around you. You get up desperately trying to catch it! Afterwards, you can’t get back to sleep anymore because you are stuck in a weird place between your dreams and reality.”

Nepalese musician Regan Awale recorded sarod tracks for this song. Sarod is a string instrument, common in Nepal, as well as in India and other nearby countries. It has broad fretless fingerboard covered in metal. The strings of the sarod are plucked with a plectrum held in the right hand, while the fingernails of the left hand press and slide the strings. The plectrum often is made out of a coconut bark. Sarod has up to 25 strings, most are tuned up in a particular scale for resonant, reverberant sound.

Another featuring artist in this composition is Ivars Štubis. Ivars Štubis was born and raised in Australia but he moved back to Latvia year ago. Ivars added bass guitar lines to this song. Latvian musician Erna Daugaviete added cello tracks to this composition. At the very beginning and end of this song you can hear some vibraphone melodies played by Ernests Mediņš, known as member of Perpetuum Ritmico band. Audio was mixed by sound designer Arvis Ahuns.

The song is included in Reinis Jaunais latest music album "Zeme", released with the support of VKKF fund and AKKA / LAA author scholarship. The album also raised necessary funds on the crowd-funding platform "Projektu banka" in less than 24 hours.

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Brainstorm releases a music video for “FEELS”

“Never thought we’d compose a track for Japanese animation? Neither did we J watch the new video and try to identify each of us in it”


Today, April 21st, Brainstorm releases their new music video “Feels”. This unique video is made by animation studio “HonkFu”. Animators across the world were working for eight months to create the video in the Japanese manga format. In addition to the main characters in the story, members of Brainstorm are brought to life as superheroes.

The idea for the song came from Swedish musician and producer Magnus Nilsson with whom the band has worked with for several years. This is a very contemporary song, particularly the chorus that gives a sense of total freedom and freefall – a soaring new musical experiment by the band.

Kaspars Roga explains the inspiration for the video: 

“The idea came from my daily life. One day, between my daughter’s Lea toys, I saw a doll who was sitting in the wheelchair. My first impression was: “My God, who she is playing with!?”, but immediately I realized how narrow-minded and stereotypical was my thinking. I truly was ashamed. The main character in the video is a girl in a wheelchair who is scared from life and other people. She is scared, just because she is different. I want to inspire people to leave aside judgments and accept the world as it is, with each one of us in it.” 

The music video for “Feels” was premiered worldwide during a special online presentation on platform April 21st 16.oo (GMT +3). During the premiere, the audience had a chance to ask their questions to the Brainstorm members who joined live from a studio in Riga.

The website will continue to live on after the premiere and everyone will have a chance to take a quiz related to the music video, win exclusive prizes, find out which countries have the most Brainstorm listeners, purchase new merchandise and most importantly buy discounted tickets for the new album cinematic experience this fall.

Brainstorm upcoming shows: St. Petersburg (13th May) and Moscow (14th and 16th May). More info:

Song “Feels” released by BrainStorm Records Company, available on all digital platforms worldwide.

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"Very Cool People" dedicates a song to renegades of Latvian music history

Musical hooligans "Very Cool People" release the second single from the autumn album "50 Years of Influence + 30 Years of Cool Equals 13 Years of Music Hooliganism". It's called Renegade and is released along with the band's most engaging video to date.

The song is recorded in the studio at once by an 8-piece band featuring four horns & rhythm section. This is an instrumental tune. The composition also has a vocal part in the middle with the lyrics "Baaa, baa, ba, ba, ba, ba, baaa". This song has a slight Soviet estrada touch as well. 

The new single is based on the aesthetics of vocal-instrumental music of Latvia of the seventies, written in the best retro soul-jazz tradition, mixed with ska and Latin rhythms. The composition has a vocal part in the middle with the lyrics “Bā, bā, bā, bā, bā / Bā, bā, bā, bā, ba, ba, bā…” that are easily understandable by all the nations of the world. Scatting syllables and sounds “ba, ba, bā…” could also be called unique, new scat phrases with the claim to become archived in the consciousness of the world music industry as a Latvian scat. 

"We dedicate this tune and clip to all Latvian music renegades who resisted the general requirements and listened, as well as played, jazz, rock, funk and instrumental non-academic music, keeping it alive from the sixties to the nineties," explains Very Cool People's leader Elvijs Grafcovs. "We want to say:" Thank you to all the renegades of the past, you helped to create the next generation of musicians and in the end you have paved the way for us in the off-road conditions of Latvia’s past! " The clip was filmed at the legendary VEF Culture Palace, where in the past 40 to 80 different amateur and professional ensembles, choirs and dance groups have rehearsed and countless musical acts have been performed. 

This is the second single of the band's upcoming album – “50 Years Of Influence + 30 Years Of Cool Equals 13 Years Of Music Hooliganism”, the hooligans did not respect any musical boundaries and allowed themselves to mix jazz with classical music, Balkan music with metal, surf music with funk and soul, choir music with klezmer, as well as mixing musical heritage of various nations living in Latvia.

This single is written & arranged by Andris Buiķis; Produced by A.Buiķis & E.Grafcovs; Mixed by Andris Buiķis at “Ciemupes Production”, Ogre, Latvia; Mastered by Jānis Kalve at “Labo Ierakstu Studija”, Riga, Latvia; Released by SIA VERY COOL PEOPLE.  Oskars Ozoliņš – trumpet, vocal; Māris Jēkabsons – tenor sax, vocal; Laura Rozenberga – trombone, vocal; Kristaps Lubovs – baritone sax, vocal; Elvijs Grafcovs – guitar; Māris Vitkus – organ, rhodes piano; Jānis Olekšs – bass; Andris Buiķis- drums, percussions, vocal.


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Katrīna Gupalo fights depression and fatal outcome with her song “Agony”

Singer and pianist Katrīna Gupalo has released her new song “Agonija”. The song is about the last breath of love – about the last moment before the inevitable split. The message of the song is amplified by the music video. The musician in cooperation with the Crisis and Counseling Center "Skalbes" is calling to pay attention to the currently very obvious public mental health issues.

“I wrote the song “Agony” two years ago, when I had been suffering from depression for a long time. It was a time when I went through the cruel and ruthless criticism on my skin, which I could not “filter out” and perceived it very directly and painfully. At the time, I didn't really see any light at the end of the tunnel, and the only thing that pulled me out of my deep depression was the resumption of active concert activities and the creation of music. Only after a while, looking back at my thoughts and feelings, I could take it easy – as a normal stage in my creative growth. But if I weren't a fighter by nature, it might have ended differently. This situation made me remember my grandmother's grandmother Sofia, who dreamed of becoming a doctor, but when her husband forbade her, Sofia hаnged herself in the attic of her house,” shares Katrīna Gupalo.

The song “Agony” tells about the last breath of love – about the last moment before inevitable leaving. It's the moment of sweet bitterness towards the morning, when the party is almost over and everyone is drifting apart. When you really feel sleepy, but you are afraid to fall asleep, because in the morning everything will be different, so with the last effort you desperately try to stick to the reality that no longer has a future.

Jānis Škapars, the director of the video “Agony”, has presented the song from the viewpoint of this moment in time, when dark, depressing thoughts and feelings have filled the pandemic reality. He tells about the video: “When creating the music video, I wanted to show a multi-layered and ambiguous journey of an individual into the world of thoughts and dreams. The mind and the subconscious are sometimes the darkest places. When we close our eyes, we get into the darkness, into our thoughts and fantasies – sometimes it can be soothing and hide the reality for a moment, but sometimes it pulls you in so deep that it is very difficult to break out. With this video, we want to emphasize that suicide is not the solution, and that the complications that lead to it can be resolved.”

The video of the song can be seen here:

Katrīna Gupalo urges: “We want to encourage everyone – women, men, children and teenagers – not to hide and not be ashamed of being in greater or lesser difficulty, and to seek help before the situation worsens. In such moments, an open conversation with a friend, relative or a call to a crisis helpline can be very important. We also invite you to contact your loved ones more often to find out how they are doing, because such a call can provide not only joy, but also the necessary support.”

The video's creative team and the Crisis and Counseling Center “Skalbes” encourage everyone to share their experiences of the pandemic on the social networks Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #paliksimnomodā, also about the ways of overcoming difficult situations or distressing thoughts. You can also express your emotions in a song, drawing, poem or other creative way, as this is one of the ways to help yourself organize your thoughts and at least partially get rid of negative feelings. Experience stories will be collected and published in the accounts of Katrīna Gupalo Music and the association “Skalbes” on Facebook.

The song is available on major music streaming sites, including Spotify.

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A futuristic dream soul to lift your spirit

This heart warming artwork is a natural blend of mellow lo-fi vibes and future driven vocals. The minimalistic and abstract melody/lyrics leaves room for imagination and interpretation. It almost feels as an entryway for an individuals connection with his/her higher self. The ultra sensual feminine voice of Una Daniela mixes well with Rick Fed’s ill beats and ear pleasing sounds creating an experience that resembles daydreaming while looking at a beautiful painting.

Rick Feds is considered to be one of the greatest finger-drummers in the world today, but if you ever catch him live it will be something that you’ve never experienced before. The former jazz drums and classical piano background makes a key difference in Rick’s playing abilities on the sample pad and allows him to perform all elements of beat arrangement live in a way that’s never been done before. And it goes on.. All of his pads are synced to visuals and lights matching the sounds and telling the visual story alongside music. Basically he is playing God controlling your entire reality with his fingertips. In Rick’s eyes he is an ambassador of a new art form and is striving to do his part to extend dimensions that an individual can use to express impulsive emotions. But don’t get too drawn away by the performance side only. Feds sound design skills are your ear vitamins that you’ll be able to consume on May 7 when he drops his first ever LP “Future Human”.

Rick has opened shows for James Arthur, Jungle and AraabMuzik.

He has done solo shows at venues like The Cutting Room (NYC), RockWood Music Hall (NYC), SXSW (Austin, TX) and has been included in Ableton’s TOP 5 performers list for two years in turn. His audio/visual work as well as the technical innovations and mastery on the sample pad have been described in music forums around the world.

Listen here

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The international music festival and conference Tallinn Music Week is postponed to autumn

Initially planned for June, the international music and city festival Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will take place in autumn. The new dates for the festival are 29 September – 3 October. An additional application round is open from today until the end of April for those artists, who would like a chance to perform at the rescheduled event.

In cooperation with TMW and the Estonian industry development organisations, the Estonian Music Market Focus Day will take place on 11 June in Von Krahl Theatre.

“One of the most important objectives of TMW is to support the Estonian music and cultural sector in developing international relations,” says Head of Festival Pärtel Soosalu. “We decided to move the festival from June to early autumn, when we can expect the travel restrictions to be eased. This will also mean that more music industry professionals and exciting artists from all over Europe will be able to participate.”

In light of the new dates, TMW is also opening an additional application round from today until 30 April for those artists, who would like to play on the new dates of the festival. All applications that have already been submitted are still in force. Up to 150 artists will be selected to the line-up that will be announced in stages from May. Additional information and applications:

Taking place from 29 September to 3 October, the TMW festival consists of three programme elements: a multi-genre music festival in various venues across the city, a music industry conference in hybrid format, and a city festival of daytime activities and cityscape explorations. The festival programme will be announced in stages starting in May.

In cooperation with the music industry development organisations, the Estonian Music Market Focus Day will take place at Von Krahl Theatre on 11 June. The day will focus on the restoration and rebirth of the Estonian music and culture sector, as well as the related industries. The programme for the event will be announced in April.

TMW 2021 passes and the Estonian Music Market Focus Day Pass are on sale at The Festival Pass at 55 euros and the PRO Pass (on-site and online access) at 150 euros are available along with DigiPRO Pass (online conference access) at 50 euros and Supporter Pass at 225 euros, which allows supporting the festival organisation and getting an inside look. Telia clients receive 20% off the price of passes purchased ahead of the event. 

All passes purchased for the June dates are good for the new TMW dates. Ahead of the festival, the DigiPRO Pass can be exchanged for a PRO Pass, which allows for both onsite and online participation, by paying the price difference. 

The organisers ask all those, who would like to exchange an already purchased pass for a TMW 2022 pass or return their passes, to send their requests until 30 April to

TMW festival is founded and run by Shiftworks. The music programme is carried out in cooperation with the Damn.Loud Agency and many other national and international programme partners.

TMW 2021 is presented by Telia Estonia. The festival’s strategic partner is the music industry development centre and export office Music Estonia, the main supporter is Nordic Hotel Forum. The festival’s partners are Telliskivi Creative City and Viru Center. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the city of Tallinn.

TMW 2021 will be organised in line with the rules in place for public events at the time of the event, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

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Artist BAIBA releases a new summer single and video “Boy From Murcia”

Boy From Murcia” is the latest single from BAIBA's the upcoming album “Lighter”.

BAIBA says that this single is like a throwback to a time, when we could travel anywhere and anytime we want, to a time when we could enjoy our summer and heal our soul somewhere on a shore of a far-away exotic beach: “This song is about little stopping points, little romances on our way. It’s about those moments, when we realise that some romances are not supposed to last and are here only to heal us. To show us, what beautiful, kind beings we all are.”

This song was produced by BAIBA in collaboration with Tyrolean producer Benjamin Leingartner aka “Digital Youth”. 

Stream it on Spotify.

BAIBA is a young Latvian musician currently living in Innsbruck, Austria. On 2017 in collaboration with the Austrian producer Christoph Holzknecht (CHRS) she released her debut album “These Storms”. Since then BAIBA is performing solo, producing herself and moving away from the melancholic singer songwriter corner and embracing more and more the curiosity of electronic pop music.

Currently she has finished her work on a second album called “Lighter”. And with a help of crowdfunding she has also gained enough resources to release it. Album is made of ten songs written by Baiba. Most of them were recorded in her own small recording studio in Innsbruck.

At the end of 2020 BAIBA took second place in Italian contest for young musicians called “Upload Sounds”. She gained an opportunity to work with such recognised members of Italian music industry as producer Bruno Belissimo (previously working with Italian bands “Calcutta” and “Frah Quintale”) and video graphic designer and director Claudio Zagarini from “Universal Music”.

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BrainStorm announces online presentation for a new song and music video “FEELS”

On April 21st, 4pm (GMT +2) BrainStorm will debut their latest single and the world premiere of their new music video on a newly created interactive platform  During this exclusive online event audience will also be able to ask questions to band members Renars, Maris, Janis and Kaspars who will be engaging in conversation for the first time through the new platform.

Kaspars Roga: “The video took our international animator’s team more than six months to complete, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it’s turned out. It gives the first glimpse into our energetic new album, which we’ve been working on for the past year. We are truly excited that soon we will be able to share it with our listeners.”

The new website will launch on April 12th, and will be available worldwide in three languages: English, Latvian and Russian. In this online experience, the viewers will be able to participate in interactive games connected to the themes of the music video and the upcoming release. Most importantly, by signing up in advance, visitors will be able to get unique access to the above-mentioned online presentation on April 21st.

The new page , also includes a special tool, where the page visitors will be able to mark their country in the Brainstorm interactive world map.  According to the listener’s data, Brainstorm has an audience in more than 90 countries.

Celebrating the new release, Brainstorm is also launching a new spring season merchandise collection that is created by Russian designer KIRILL KARAVAEV®. Kiril’s designs are known for combining current fashion trends with satire and humor. The new merchandise will be available for a special price exclusively on

As we cannot meet our listeners in the near future, we are devising some innovative ways to stay connected to each other in the meantime. That’s why, together with our new album release  October 22nd, we will also launch a unique cinematic experience that will feature all the album songs. This mesmerizing visual performance will feature guest artists, musical numbers, and a few other surprises. The tickets for the access to the performance, will be available starting from April 21st. 

Janis Jubalts un Maris Mihelsons: “We are looking at the production of this video performance as seriously and creatively as we do with our shows: creating special design, video projections, choreography and giving all our stage energy we have gathered through this past year!”

Catch the feeling of the Feels on starting April 12th.

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New wave rock band JAUDA released their latest single from second studio album "Under water"

On March 26, 2021, rock band JAUDA released a music video from the second studio album with the same title “UNDER WATER”. It's been more than a year, since we began to form relationships, beliefs, comprehensions and attitudes that contradicts our nature.

Double standards, money, control and propaganda are the tools by which politicians sit in their baths trying to wash off the dirt of responsibility. The water gets dirty and starts to draw in the mouth - disgusting taste, but there is no escape ... and panic begins!

The show goes on and has reached its climax, digital fatigue and the public can no longer hold the pressure pumped by the media throughout the year.  We supervise everything, we control everything, the direction is clear, but the human essence, value, intentions, relationships, dreams and daily life remains behind.

We are patients of our government, imprisoned in restrictions and we see how we destroy ourselves and one other. What mind cannot comprehend, the body cannot accept. In the end - someone will fall.

This year, the rock band JAUDA has released several singles like "EYES", "APART", "LOVE AND SUNSHINE", "DEEP INSIDE" and latest single "UNDER WATER", that also introduces the release of the new album. There are 11 songs in the album that have been created within the last two years. The album includes songs that haven't been released before, but the overall mood of the album leads through an electronically deep

rock wave that retains its energy and propulsion. The band members say that this album is very different from the first album and more reflects the direction in which the band sees itself in the future in terms of sound. Album is currently available digitally, but band members revealed that the album will also be available on vinyl.

The album is available on major streaming platforms and digitally available on the band's BANDCAMP profile.

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