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After a break of several years, the group Sudden Lights have released a song in English with the Latvian title “Aijā”. The song fuses the anxiety surrounding us with a soothing lullaby. “Aijā” was written last summer as the group’s response to the events going in the world, so it is a lullaby for ourselves and a raging world.

“Aijā” is among the songs taking part in the Supernova competition, whose winner will be awarded the right to represent Latvia at Eurovision.

“”Aijā” is a lullaby. And, in my opinion, the lullaby is the most beautiful and loving form of music. Witnessing the dark events in the world and people’s lives ruined by evil, we could not remain indifferent. That’s how the song came to be performed in English – it is our attempt to comfort everybody who is hurt by the events going on around us. The title of the song is in our native language – synonymous with the mood of a Latvian folk song – and is a word that’s impossible to translate,” says Sudden Lights soloist Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis, explaining the song’s meaning.

The song is accompanied by a video directed by Tom Harjo. Explaining the idea for the video, he says: “Based on the song’s musical message about anxiety and yearning for peace, visually we addressed the relationship between people and their fears. The fear of fear often turns out to be more frightening than the thing we fear. If we can learn to accept our fears and live with them, then we can realize that their main job is to protect us.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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