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Beatrise Heislere, more widely known from the semi-finals of the “Supernova 2022” song contest where she participated with the song “On the Way Home”, has released a new single “Dance ‘Cause You Need It”.

The author is musician and singer Edvards Grieze, the producer is a musician and member of “Eridana” – Roberts Pētersons. “Our successful collaboration simply had to continue. It’s amazing how from the first draft Robers finds details to highlight, giving the song a unique sound,” says Beatrise about the song’s creation process.

“The song is about inner struggles and self-reflection. Again the song and it’s meaning, actuality and everything around it is Edvards’ talent and creativity peak – the right song in the right time,” says singer about the song.

Genre that would describe “Dance ‘Cause You Need It” most accurate is Synthwave. This is a micro genre of electronic music that brings out the best of 80s nostalgia and pop culture era – the atmosphere, arts as cinema and music, and video games. Previous single “On the Way Home” purposefully was produced in this genre to popularize in Latvia.

“With this song I would like to reach out to every listener, saying that you don’t have to hide behind your dreams and goals but aim and get closer every day. Last year hasn’t been the easiest one, many will agree that with everything we’ve been through there are days when you want it all and days when you feel like doing nothing, but, more so – dance ’cause you want it, ’cause you need it now,” says Beatrise.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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