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A brand new solo project! Muuna releases debut single “Dark Valley”

Singer and songwriter Muuna is launching a new solo project and releases her debut single “Dark Valley”. The song is available on all major digital music streaming services.

“Dark Valley” is like a retrospective reflection about those destructive aspects of personality that are inevitably part of human nature. The interaction between the inner and outer worlds can be harsh, ruthless and challenging, but it is also transformative. The ray of light that tries to break into even the darkest corners gives the belief that after darkness there always comes light. ”
– Muuna.

The single was recorded and post-produced in collaboration with producer and sound director Gatis Zakis, while the final editing was done by Minerva Pappi from Waudio Mastering in Finland. Contributors to the project also include Rudolfs Dankfelds – drums, Marcis Vasilevskis – guitar.

Muuna in real name Sabine Zuga is a singer and songwriter who is better known as a lead singer of the band Carousel, representing Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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