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A dark comedy by Dany Ryan, a rock band from Riga: Touch my Dress music video

A synth-rock band from Riga produced yet another music video with no budget – now it’s for the song Touch my Dress. The song is written by the band’s bass guitarist Nikita Andrejevs. The music video was shot by the band’s longtime friend Stephanie Zapolska.

The story unfolds in a shady neighborhood in Riga. A young man buys the “Party” video tape from a mysterious dealer, unaware that it contains a viral song that would eventually spread to the whole world and cause people to dance recklessly and dress up in bizarre clothing.

The music video involved all of the friends and friends of friends that the band could invite. While Stephanie Zapolska was shooting the band’s drummer Jānis Zariņš tied up to a chair, Daniil Ravinsky and Nikita Andrejevs were cooking chili in the kitchen for the whole band. Tasty chili is the secret of making a music video with no budget and any professional actors, says Daniil, the band’s lead singer. The idea for the video is a result of a mutual desire to produce a music video packed with action and references to dark comedy and the previous videos of the band. The band wishes to thank all the participants of the shooting!

DANI RYAN has already released 4 music videos for songs from the PARTY! album and do not plan to stop. Now the band tirelessly prepares for the album support tour, waiting to meet everyone at the future concerts that will provide more than an exciting musical show – a visual one as well. DANI RYAN did not ever sound or look like that.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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