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Alternative metal band “Harta” and hiphop artist Sandis present their creation – a single and music video “Kam Tu Klanies”.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered in Karlis Steinmanis studio “KS Records”. Video editing was done by Harta’s own vocalist Karlis Kalviss, who also edited the band’s first video “Sky Is the Limit”. Music for “Kam Tu Klanies” was written by “Harta”, joined by Sandis in the creation of lyrics for the song. This piece is an attempt to challenge the borders of music genres, combining the agressive vocals and powerful guitars from metal and hiphop lyrics and rhythm, complemented by a melodic chorus.

Sandis is a hiphop artist for whom this is not the first cooperation with representatives of heavy genres. Last year he joined forces with “Retrace My Life” and presented a song and music video “Kaklasaite” that was well received by listeners. Sandis admits, “As open as I am to different projects – I go along with them rarely. You need to have a high level of musicianship and various other skills. I was unbelievably lucky that “Harta” was open to this. I am more than satisfied and proud of what we’ve created. I hope that we can cooperate again, to bring something fresh to the listeners.”

“Harta” who has joined such a project for the first time considers “Kam Tu Klanies” a great experience and continuation for the quite recently released debut single “Sky Is the Limit”. “We wanted to create something exciting both for our and Sandis listeners considering both sides equally important. We do not deny the possibility of playing this song live with Sandis during one of our or his performances,” says Karlis.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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