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A futuristic dream soul to lift your spirit

This heart warming artwork is a natural blend of mellow lo-fi vibes and future driven vocals. The minimalistic and abstract melody/lyrics leaves room for imagination and interpretation. It almost feels as an entryway for an individuals connection with his/her higher self. The ultra sensual feminine voice of Una Daniela mixes well with Rick Fed’s ill beats and ear pleasing sounds creating an experience that resembles daydreaming while looking at a beautiful painting.

Rick Feds is considered to be one of the greatest finger-drummers in the world today, but if you ever catch him live it will be something that you’ve never experienced before. The former jazz drums and classical piano background makes a key difference in Rick’s playing abilities on the sample pad and allows him to perform all elements of beat arrangement live in a way that’s never been done before. And it goes on.. All of his pads are synced to visuals and lights matching the sounds and telling the visual story alongside music. Basically he is playing God controlling your entire reality with his fingertips. In Rick’s eyes he is an ambassador of a new art form and is striving to do his part to extend dimensions that an individual can use to express impulsive emotions. But don’t get too drawn away by the performance side only. Feds sound design skills are your ear vitamins that you’ll be able to consume on May 7 when he drops his first ever LP “Future Human”.

He has done solo shows at venues like The Cutting Room (NYC), RockWood Music Hall (NYC), SXSW (Austin, TX) and has been included in Ableton’s TOP 5 performers list for two years in turn. His audio/visual work as well as the technical innovations and mastery on the sample pad have been described in music forums around the world.

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MEL editor

MEL editor

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