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A new remix of the Brainstorm song “Waterfall” by the producer REZarin.

The new remix saw its debut last night on the popular dance music channel TASTY NETWORK, and it has already been listened to more than 10,000 times!

In preparation of the 20-year anniversary concert in Arena Riga, which will take place already next Wednesday, the company “Mikrofona ieraksti” dug through its archives and found the track “Waterfall” recorded in 2001 by Brainstorm. This motivated the creation of a new remix of the song.

The first new remix was created by the group of producers “Boyza II” led by Lotars Lodziņš. They had already made a remix in 2001. Back then, a remix was also made by one of the most successful Latvian dance music producers of all time Ralfs Mākulis (BTH). This version was nominated for the Annual Latvian Music Records Award. In 2001, the single was released in several countries by labels of the English company “EMI Records”.

This year, however, when the new remix version by “Boyza II” had already been made and the band had listened to the results, the lead Renārs Kaupers decided to re-record the tracks. After the tracks were recorded anew, the idea emerged to invite other dance music producers to create a modern remix, and this time “MicRec” entrusted it to the young and talented producer Rūdolfs Elviss Zariņš A.K.A. “REZarin”, who this year has already helped the remix of the song by Justs “Heartbeat” recorded by “MicRec” to reach the English Music Week’s UK Upfront Club Top 40.

The tracks released by the producer “REZarin” have earned recognition by world famous deejays and producers. Last year, his track “About You” was played at the radio show of DJ Hardwell. This year the track “I Got That” and the remix of Justs’ “Heartbeat” were played at the popular Don Diablo radio show. Such world famous artists as Robin Schulz and Mike Williams have included tracks produced by “REZarin” in their DJ sets.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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