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A song about creativity and justness: “Pie vietas” from the Latvian indie-pop band “Blue Jean Serenade”

A new single and a music video from the Latvian five-piece “Blue Jean Serenade” is released on 9th of June.

Janis, the lead singer, explained, “The song is about seeking recognition. It’s not just in work, but in family and other relationships. When we don’t receive this appreciation, we get consumed by anger, annoyance, envy. It’s quite the same when it comes to art and creativity – we want our work to be recognised and valued. When we don’t receive any feedback from our expected audience, we try to look for someone to blame.”

“Pie vietas” by “Blue Jean Serenade”

The authors of the song are Anna Niedra, Jānis Niedra, Reinis Ozolkāja, Tomass Vegners un Pēteris Blūms. The author of the lyrics is Jānis Niedra. The band started working on the song back in summer of 2020, but the producer Kristaps Ērglis joined in the later stages.

The release of the single is accompanied by a light music video. The video was produced and shot by Artūrs Strautiņš. The band says “Thanks!” to “Auto Klēts” for the amazing car seen in the video.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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