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Agnese Rakovska reveals Innovative ‘Constellation Class’ Method for Music Education

Agnese Rakovska introduces ‘Constellation class,’ which is a new method aimed at revolutionizing and digitizing music lessons within the general education system. The primary focus is on engaging students in practical activities while providing opportunities to gain fundamental music knowledge and theory in a contemporary manner, utilizing technology and music production equipment. This approach influences children and their thinking towards music lessons, combating the stigma within the education system that deems music classes dull, outdated, and irrelevant.

The project directly addresses this issue, creating an environment and method that resonates closely with the interests of children and teenagers. By growing both theory and practical skills, it allows students to use the knowledge in real-life scenarios. It primarily adopts the structure established by ‘School 2030,’ aligning with the guidelines and recommendations adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science for organizing the educational process.

“Music lessons should focus on practical activities that foster each student’s creativity and interest in music. My experience and education have been the key in creating an entirely new concept, addressing educational issues in a modern and relevant manner,” says Agnese.

The project’s goal is to introduce the ‘Constellation Class’ initiative in multiple educational institutions throughout the upcoming academic year, developing new teaching materials and enhancing the technical infrastructure of schools. Additionally, the initiative aims to nurture a new generation capable of competing in the creative industries.

Project tasks involve identifying schools willing to modernize their music classes, engaging educators ready to adopt this method, creating pilot lessons to assess their relevance among children, developing evaluation criteria for music classes, initiating the adoption process, and conducting teacher training.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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