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Aivo Oskis publishes his debut album called “Suvenīrs”

Aivo Oskis publishes his debut album called “Suvenīrs” along with the title single. Ten songs total on the album, including both romantic ballads and rhythmic pop tunes, to sing and dance along to. The song “Suvenīrs” is about treasured memories we will always hold close to our hearts. Several songwriters, including Kaspars Ansons, Liene Atvara, Oskars Deigelis, and Jānis Driksna, worked together to write this song.

Aivo has also released a music video for the single, which illustrates a romance between two people who are no longer together. The events and memories made, however, cannot be taken away. The focus is not on the pain and goodbyes, but rather on the necessity of learning how to obtain these mementos.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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