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Aminata presents her new single “Your Arms”

After a longer time off, singer Aminata has released a brand new single – “Your Arms”. The song comes from the album “Red Moon” launched in 2016.

Lyrics and music are written by Aminata Savadogo, arrangement by Kaspars Ansons. Remix of the song is produced by Krišjānis Geidāns and mastered in “Hodila Studio”.

“Song “Your Arms” is very sensual, inhibited within a spring-like spirit,” tells Aminata herself. “It is about the feeling you have when secretly fallen in love with someone and cannot stop thinking about him. The feeling when you miss that person so much you feel like a prisoner who desperately longs after freedom. However, you cannot say it out loud because you are afraid and don’t know what the other person thinks of you. Therefore, all the emotional experience portrayed in the song is deeply personal, it burns you from the inside and is not visible to the outer world…”

Launch of the new single occurs only this spring, as after participating in the Russian TV show “Golos” (“Voice”), Aminata actively indulged herself into writing new songs. Currently they are being produced in cooperation with several international producers, and soon enough the results will be revealed.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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