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Aminata releases music video for her new single “Fighter”.

Latvian Eurovision sensation Aminata has released a music video for her new single “Fighter” that has been directed by Andžejs Gavrišs. “Fighter” is the first single from her new album “Red Moon” that will be released later this year.

In order to prepare for shooting, Aminata spent two months training every other day in boxing with a help of a professional fighter Jevgēņijs Aleksejevs who reprises his role as her coach in the video as well. “To me, it was a whole new experience! In the beginning, I was afraid to hit someone and always apologized after every hit. But I really enjoy boxing so I got used to that and will continue training even now when the filming of the video is over. I’m really proud of what we have made – filming was very difficult and physical but there were no stunt doubles and fighting scenes are almost real. Both of my opponents in the video Sabīna Kukute and Karīna Saule are professional boxers and did their best to make it look real and protect me at the same time. Especially difficult was the last scene that was filmed in “Arena Riga”. We wanted to show real fight in a real arena with lots of fans and in the end, we succeed. Many thanks to my sponsors, actors, crew and the director – without you I couldn’t have done such an amazing job!”

Director Andžejs Gavrišs notes that he always had wanted to film a boxing story. “I always have been interested in sports movies so I always have wanted to make one of my own. So thanks to Aminata I had the chance to do so! We prepared for this video for approximately two months finding perfect locations, filming scenes over and over in order to make them as real as possible. Before this, I didn’t know any boxers, but now I believe that they are the nicest persons in the world!”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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