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Aminata releases new single “I don’t know”

“I don’t know” was written in the period, when I got completely lost. To me personally, it is not just another break up song. It is more.

 “I don’t know” is about freedom. Freedom to be who you are, and freedom to accept yourself. Some time ago, I would only accept myself when I was winning. Would only love my body when I was in the best shape. Would only like my photos taken from a special angle, so that my face looks good, with make up on, building a perfect picture of a dream life for the outer world… So life taught me lessons. Failure after failure, which led to constant anxiety and frustration. I became a person, who couldn’t be loved or respected  by the “old me”.

So, when I had no other choice, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve learned, that I actually deserve love and respect not for my success, or not because I look good at a certain picture, but because I am me. I don’t have to always win to be loved. Don’t have to satisfy everyone. I can actually love myself for nothing, even when I make mistakes, even when I don’t know what to do next, where to go.   

With “I don’t know” I want to mark the end of this chapter of frustration, and start a new one, a chapter full of freedom and self acceptance.  From now on, I do things not because of pressure I put on myself, not because “I am useless, so I have to become at least “someone”… Faster!” I do sports, because I love it, I sing and write songs, because I love it. I spend time alone, because I love it. I work with people who I like. I do all that, because I love myself and respect my needs and wishes. I deserve to be happy. I deserve love, as do you.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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