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An indie rock band from Latvia “Tasteful” releases a song for summer evenings to enjoy beside a fireplace

New Latvian indie rock band “Tasteful” release their new song “Bonfire”. Inspired by the Lumineers and Ed Sheeran, This song was written by a campfire beside close friends.

“Bonfire” is about a selfless being, that gives all of its love, soul, and energy to others and asks nothing back. So we praise this being: “Don’t burn out!”

The song recording was made with support from LaIPA. The band is releasing an acoustic live version of the song, which was filmed in a forest beside a campfire.

“Tasteful” members met while studying at Ventspils Music highschool. The members of band have developed their musical sound by playing in other ensembles, as well as in the Ventspils Big Band. The songwriter is the group’s main vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Gunārs Gaumigs, the group’s main guitarist and good spirit – Eduards Bariss, the groovy bassist Artis Patriks Mazalis and the energetic drummer – Markuss Ābelītis.

The members of the band intend to write music in creatively different music directions. Their compositions guide the listener through a journey of love, nature, and doubt, painting with sound effects and synths, including alternative, dream pop, and psychedelic rock flavors.

Each one of them have different musical interests, which fortunately connect together in the creative process, and that makes them full of taste or Tasteful.

During the summer, the band has already played a handful of concerts, also supporting for the Latvian rock band “Dzelzs Vilks” during their concert in Pāvilosta.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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