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Application for the 8th session of the RIGaLIVE songwriting camp has been announced

Music authors, lyricists, performers, and song producers are invited to apply for their participation in the songwriting camp RIGaLIVE #8 organized by Latvian Music Development Association/Latvian Music Export Office. The camp will take place in Riga from November 7th -9th.

What is RIGaLIVE? It is a songwriting workshop – music writing camp. The goal is for the participants to create potential radio hits by working creatively in teams.
What happens in these three days? On the first day of the camp, lectures and master classes are held in cooperation with industry professionals. On the second and third day, creative work on the creation of songs takes place.
How does creative songwriting work? During each of the creative songwriting days, the participants are divided into teams consisting of three people – a music author, a performer, and a producer. Each group then spends eight hours working on a new song, recording a demo version of it.
Rating for every song from professionals of the music industry! At the end of each day, the new songs are evaluated by experts – experienced professionals of the international and local music industry.

Schedule of RIGaLIVE #8:
7.11. – getting to know the participants, creative masterclasses
8.11. – songwriting workshop, listening to new songs, comments from professionals
9.11. – songwriting workshop, listening to new songs, comments from professionals

Musician BŪŪ shares her experience of participating in the camp: “For me, writing songs in a team is a big challenge, but when it succeeds, of course, the result is stronger than writing alone. That was exactly the case with my song “Kur ir mana cilts” – when I came up with the chorus of the song, I realized that, yes – this is a golden, almost “tribal” pop song! I highly recommend lonely songwriters to try working in a team.”
Musician Katrīna Dimanta talks about her participation in the camp: “The main thing when going to such an event is to go with an open mind, with the desire to cooperate, to work, to learn, to teach something, to get acquainted, to network, to find out how a song is really created in a team. I would recommend participating in this camp because it helps you develop, grow and learn what it’s like to work with other artists, what it’s like to work with a time limit.”

Check out some of the work done in the previous camps on the “RIGaLIVE” Spotify playlist!

To apply for the camp, you must fill out the application form until October 10. Accepted participants will be announced by the end of October.

Participation fee – 100 € !


Information about lectures and other activities will be updated.
More info: and


Supported by LaIPA and Ministry of Culture.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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