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Artist BAIBA releases a new summer single and video “Boy From Murcia”

BAIBA says that this single is like a throwback to a time, when we could travel anywhere and anytime we want, to a time when we could enjoy our summer and heal our soul somewhere on a shore of a far-away exotic beach: “This song is about little stopping points, little romances on our way. It’s about those moments, when we realise that some romances are not supposed to last and are here only to heal us. To show us, what beautiful, kind beings we all are.”

This song was produced by BAIBA in collaboration with Tyrolean producer Benjamin Leingartner aka “Digital Youth”.

Stream it on Spotify.

BAIBA is a young Latvian musician currently living in Innsbruck, Austria. On 2017 in collaboration with the Austrian producer Christoph Holzknecht (CHRS) she released her debut album “These Storms”. Since then BAIBA is performing solo, producing herself and moving away from the melancholic singer songwriter corner and embracing more and more the curiosity of electronic pop music.

Currently she has finished her work on a second album called “Lighter”. And with a help of crowdfunding she has also gained enough resources to release it. Album is made of ten songs written by Baiba. Most of them were recorded in her own small recording studio in Innsbruck.

At the end of 2020 BAIBA took second place in Italian contest for young musicians called “Upload Sounds”. She gained an opportunity to work with such recognised members of Italian music industry as producer Bruno Belissimo (previously working with Italian bands “Calcutta” and “Frah Quintale”) and video graphic designer and director Claudio Zagarini from “Universal Music”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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