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Artist I MEAN LOVE releases single “Savējo Sirdi”

I MEAN LOVE (real name Raiens Šaubergs) is a multi-artist from Riga, words to describe him the best are authenticity, versatility and charisma.
On February 17th I MEAN LOVE will release his latest single “Savējo Sirdi”. The song was made in close cooperation with producer REFLX (real name Kristaps Hlevickis).
The main inspiration for the song and its lyrics are relationships. Relationships that force us to work with ourselves – to grow and develop as personalities. . And for us to be able to do this at all, we need to be clearly aware of where each of us is at this moment and where we want to go: “It’s not about a specific place, but about values, self-discipline, the goals we strive for and experiences we wish to enjoy in this journey we call life. Raien’s artistic expression is not limited to music alone, he marked the beginning of this year by presenting his clothing line “I MEAN LOVE apparel” to a wider audience.
MEL editor

MEL editor

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