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“Audrú” releases a new single – “Mother Love”

Along with blossoming cherry trees, “Audrú” wants to delight the audience with an upbeat song – “Mother Love”.

The song starts out serene, then becomes uplifting and creates an inspiring mood. Friends who have already heard “Mother Love” say that it talks about everything that is important. Maybe that’s why the song is a perfect soundtrack for these sophisticated times. It reminds us that we can always choose to see the good or simply not to notice it.

The song also has a video that captures moments from the adventures shared together in the recent years – inspiring trips, fun birthdays, rehearsals, walks in the rain and picnics by the sea. The video is like a journey through heartfelt memories while all we can do is wait until we can meet again.

Currently, the band is also working on their debut EP called “The Lighthouse Trilogy”. One of the songs from the album – “Over”, is already available to listeners.

“Audrú” – a bunch of friends – Ieva, Gita, Jurģis and Artūrs have been playing together for more than 3 years. Since then the band has crafted their own sound, for which they, jokingly, have coined the term “May-flower Grunge”. It features elements of indie-rock, indie-pop, American folk and vibes from music of the 90’s.

“Mother Love” was recorded and mixed at Hodila Records studio in Valmiera, Latvia, in the beginning of 2020. You can listen to other Audrú songs on the most popular music streaming sites.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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