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“Audrú” releases their second single – “Fog”

While the indie-rock band “Audrú” is working on their debut EP “The Lighthouse Trilogy”, that’s set to be released in Fall, a mellow and dreamy composition that won’t appear in the record has been brought to listeners attention. “Fog” is the bands second single and it contemplates moments, when we’re on the brink of forgetting ourselves and wish to exchange the reality around us for our individual version of the reality. In a quiet and uninhibited mood, the song carries a story about the need for trust.

The song is accompanied with a lyric video, which presents sunny meadows and shrubs of Zakusala, all through the eyes of a racing drone. Video-related glitches that can be spotted throughout the video are caused by the disruptions in the analogue signal happening during the flight. Song is recorded and mixed in “Hodila records” studio. “Audrú” consists of four friends – Ieva, Gita, Jurģis un Artūrs, who have been playing together for two years. Since then the band has crafted their own sound, for which they, jokingly, have coined the term “May-flower Grunge”. It features elements of indie-rock, indie-pop, American folk and vibes from music of the 90’s. “Fog” is soon to be available on most mayor streaming platforms. You can follow “Audrú” on Facebook and Instagram.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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