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Australian-Latvian Band Shades Present New Single

Australian-Latvian band Shades present the first single and video “Together (No More)” from their upcoming EP that will be released in Spring of 2018.

The story of Shades goes back to 2015 when the drummer and producer Janis Eglitis met singer and composer Chris O’Neill in Melbourne, Australia. Chris has written music for many international projects, including well-known video games like “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” and “Final Fantasy XV” and the BBC’s very first virtual reality documentary “Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel”. Together they wrote several songs with the idea of future collaboration and they called the project Shades as a reference to Australia’s hot sun. Almost by accident one of their songs won a newcomers’ radio show competition on Latvia’s “Radio SWH”, bringing the band radio rotation.

Having been set aside to work on other music and life projects, this autumn Shades has reborn into a fully-fledged band. This time, from two opposite sides of the world. Chris and Janis, who is now living in Latvia, were joined by bass player Martins Leja, also known as a member of Latvian rock band “Indygo”, and guitarist Janis Lide. The band plays indie pop-rock and is currently working on their debut EP. In 2018 Shades will be playing concerts in the Baltics and beyond.

Meanwhile their ballad “Together (No More)” has now reached radios and streaming services. “The song is about the power games, lust and suspicion in a broken relationship”, says Chris who is in charge of the lyrics. The song was written in various home studios and pulled together in the cloud, with the final version mixed by Janis at his studio “Ierakstu Maja”.

The single’s video features renowned Latvian contemporary dance choreographer Liene Grava and was filmed with support from “Kultfilma” and “Colortime”. It is available on YouTube and Vimeo.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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