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BAIBA releases a new single, an EP and announces a concert in Latvia

Austria-based electro-pop artist BAIBA releases a new EP, which includes her previously published singles, as well as her latest work – the song “Too Cool”. At the end of the summer, BAIBA will also finally perform in Latvia, at the music and art festival “Laba Daba”.

Influencers dressed in the uniforms of fashion brands, flashy and at the same time misleading image of people on social networks, and the fast pace of modern life – these are just some of the topics that BAIBA satirizes in her latest work – the single “Too Cool”. It is accompanied by a catchy melody, a lively beat and contrastingly irritated, even angry vocals. This combination creates an almost perfect piece to sing and dance along to, to forget everything that drives you crazy and makes you sad.

“It [the song] is about people looking just fine and confident, so cool and self-sufficient. But… is it just a facade? Maybe it’s just a cover to protect a very vulnerable soul,” says BAIBA.

“Too Cool” is the fourth single from BAIBA’s new EP “Compulsive”. The mini-album contains four songs by the artist, which were created in collaboration with several well-known artists in Austria, including producers Christoph Holzknecht and Moritz Kristmann. On the other hand, the video of the new song was made in cooperation with the Spanish director Marta Cesar, who lives in Austria, and will be released in mid-June.

Presenting the single “Too Cool”, a video and also an EP, BAIBA will go on a promotional tour this summer, visiting several Austrian cities, Northern Italy, Slovakia, and the she will also visit her homeland Latvia for the first time at the beginning of August, performing at the music and art festival “Laba Daba”.


About BAIBA:
BAIBA is a Latvian musician (real name Baiba Dēķena), who has been living and playing music in the Austrian city of Innsbruck for several years. She plays self-produced electropop and teaches music production workshops for girls. Until now, BAIBA has already released two albums and her songs are regularly played by radio stations both in Latvia and abroad. The first single of the new mini-album, “Perfect”, got into the regular rotation of the popular radio station FM4 in Austria.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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