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BAIBA releases new song and video “Hypochondriac”

“Hypochondriac” is BAIBA’s second single from her upcoming mini-album or EP “Compulsive”.

The rhythmic and playful electro-pop song tells the story of BAIBA’s struggle with health issues and the resulting insecurity.

“It was the biggest motivation to create a slightly funny, satirical and self-healing song. To look back at these experiences with a smile,” says BAIBA.

At times, when mental and physical health are equally important, it is important to keep them both in balance, the artist believes. And that’s exactly what the song itself and the bright, 90’s pop music inspired video is about. Making of the video took place in the Tyrolean hospital. It was created in collaboration with Austrian video company DTW and Streetmotion dance studio.

“Hypochondriac” is the second single from BAIBA’s upcoming EP “Compulsive” which is due out next spring.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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