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BAIBA releases new video and song “Ghosted”

Single comes out just a few days before Valentine’s day and is dedicated to so-called “ghosting”. Ghosted is the third single of BAIBAS upcoming EP ‘Compulsive’ which will be released this spring.

In her latest song, the Latvian electro-pop artist BAIBA, who lives in Austria, tells about various experiences in the search for the other half – both joys and unpleasant moments, through humor and satire. Song is about “ghosting” – when one person decides to end the relationship without notifying the other.

Through a good dose of self-irony, catchy and rhythmic tunes, the musician has turned this phenomenon into a powerful manifesto for everyone who has ever encountered it – it is not worth looking for the culprits, but it is important to say goodbye with respect.

“Making this piece of music and video for it has changed my perspective on the topic a lot,” says Baiba, “Speaking with people that both have been ghosted and/or have ghosted someone, the only true reminder is – as unpleasant as it may be – a little communication goes a long way and can save one feelings of guilt and anxiety and for the other party sleepless nights of self doubt and insecurities. It’s a matter of respect for the time spent together.”

Song on Spotify

About BAIBA:
BAIBA [real name Baiba Dēķena] is a Latvian electro-pop solo artist living in Austria. She actively produces music, performs and teaches music production master classes for girls.

After releasing two albums in 2017 and 2021, she is currently working on a new EP

“Compulsive”, which will be released in the spring of 2023. “Compulsive” will be a satirical, direct and multi-faceted work. It is known that at the beginning of August, BAIBA will finally perform in Latvia, at the music and art festival “LABA DABA”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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