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Baltic band competition “NOVUS” in Vilnius, Lithuania is open for regsitrations

Novus competition for up and coming bands is seeking not only to discover, but also to encourage the most promising music talents. The project is searching for new talents, provides the opportunity to perform on a professional setting at Art Factory Loftas, to be heard by new audiences and music industry professionals.

Competition prizes for the bands-winners include a professional song recording and music video production provided by “Muzikinis Cechas” studio, an opportunity to play at a yearly “Loftas Fest” festival 2018, a live video production by “Square” studio, special prizes from “Converse” company, other performance opportunities and much more.

Last year top three places were taken by all three Baltic countries: Lithuanians “Timid Kooky” – first place, Estonians “VonKuusk” – second place, and Latvians “Ezeri” – third place. “It is quite simbolic that top tree places were taken by the representatives from each Baltic country. We are happy that NOVUS became an international platform for bands to be heard and that this competition is getting more and more interesting for our neighbours. Last year competitors from Latvia and Estonia were very strong, charismatic and musical. It was a great inspiration and push to Lithuanian bands to get to know their neigbours and to learn something new from each other. We hope that this year competition will be even stronger.” – said the owner of Art Factory Loftas Victor Diavara.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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