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Band “Cellar cat” releases live music video for the song “Time & Space”

“Cellar Cat”, an indie and alternative rock band from Riga, have released their “quarantine” video – the live music video for the song “Time & Space”/ It was shot and simultaneously recorded at the band members’ homes. Music of “Cellar Cat” is often compared to the likes of “Coldplay” and “The 1975”.

The band tells about the idea for the video: “In the current situation of public emergency in Latvia we couldn’t rehearse of record at the studio, not even mentioning playing gigs. Still, we decided to try and nor get demoralized and use this situation for the best. We thought that we might try doing something more unconventional for us — record a new song at home, while actually filming the process, and then glue the sounds and the videos together. Looks like it was a successful experiment.”

As the band members say, this experience let them have a feeling of unity despite the social distancing.

“Though we managed to pull everything off almost as we envisioned it, we still want to get back to normal life as soon as possible and play this song in front of the audience!” the band’s singer Alex says.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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