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Band Treeeye releases single Patrol An Idea

Patrol An Idea is the first single of the band Treeeye since 2021. The single will be available on all platforms on 10.12.2022.

The instrumental track begins with funk-rock resembling Red Hot Chili Peppers, which turns into punk, as if you are going on a carnival ride with a feeling of euphoric flight – breath-taking climbs and falls. Then, as if nothing happened, you continue on your way with mundane daily things, but suddenly you are caught by surprise – a dramatic guitar solo in noise-rock style results in culmination of the thrilling feelings. This madness ends with a slight feeling of tiredness and immersion into a dazed state in prog/psychedelic style of The Mars Volta or Deftones.
Without exaggeration, this track could easily become a soundtrack of a Guy Richie’s crime movie.
The song was recorded in 2020, during the first wave of Covid-19. This was the first band record with live drums. During the recording various non-standard percussion instruments were used and made from improvised tools, whatever was at hand.

Recording, mixing and mastering were done at the studio of Sergejs Laletins, the guitarist of the band.
Visual design was created by the photographer Arturs Dimenšteins (Arthur Dimenshtein).

Treeeye band was founded in 2011. The band has published a full album in 2016, and several singles.
The band combines various styles, such as ambient, post-rock, drum and bass, funk, prog punk, noise.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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