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“Bandmaster” release a new song after 3 year hiatus

Lead singer Zelma Jegere: “This song is about an internal dualism and never ending struggle of good and bad choices in life and which version of yourself you are going to be today. The title “I Might Get High Tonight” might give you a hint which choices it describes more.”

Bandmaster is an electronic trio from Latvia whose music incorporates danceable beats, overdriven analog synths and vocal hooks. The band features one of the country’s leading DJs/producers (Rudd), producer Andis Ansons and a notorious battle rapper VIŅA (“she” in Latvian, real name Zelma Jegere). Because of her furious style Latvian public radio received 8000 EUR fine for airing her rap battles. But here she sings. Bandmaster have opened for The xx and Phantogram, playlisted on KCRW and received the “Best electronic / dance music record 2017 in Latvia” award for Stay Awake EP. Music video for “Get Live” featuring hip hop legend Akil the MC from Jurassic 5 received “Best Music & Dance Video” at Bestias Danzantes Festival de Cine de Danza in Chile.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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