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Cacophonics Releases a New Album Fast Food Is 4 Slow People

The pop punk band Cacophonics have released their new album Fast Food Is 4 Slow People. The album includes 10 songs written at very different points in time by different band members. As a result, the album comprises a rather diverse material. “Even though it took us four years to complete the album, there is also a bright side to it – due to various events that influenced us during this time, the songs turned out very varied. The album title came about naturally – despite saving time by eating fast food, we were still slow with the recording process, which is why we named it Fast Food Is 4 Slow People”, the band members say.

The band’s singer Ingus Sala says: “The new album includes a bit from every genre that we listen to: there are ska and punk songs on the album, as well as elements of post grunge, alternative rock and electronic music. We are very excited to have done many things by ourselves this time around. For example, the album was recorded and mixed by our drummer Valērijs Černejs, while video materials were put together by our bass player Aivars Daugavietis. Unlike our previous records, the new songs feature quite a lot of keyboard and electronic sounds. Also, this is the first time a female voice can be heard in one of our songs – we are very thankful to singer Gunta Menģele, who participated in the recording of the song Message in My Bottle Is a Suicide Note. We would also like to thank Konstantins Sedunovs, who created the album’s artwork”.

In the beginning of April, Cacophonics released the first song from the album The Noble and Great, whereas the second single Time, which is one of the most lyrical songs on the new album, was released in early May.

Formed in 2002 in Cēsis, Cacophonics have previously released two EPs and six singles, as well as played around 250 shows in the Baltic states, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Russia.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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