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“CanZone” inspired by H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale releases a retro-innovative video clip

A rockband from Latvia “CanZone” – after recently releasing their first LP “High Time” in CD format – offers now a video for one of the album’s songs “Kliedz bez skanas”. It’s a quite unusual and surprising visual material!

 A song video, that might be called also a short film, is fully handmade – in a technique apparently absent in nowadays music videos. This was accomplished thanks to two creative people from “machinaLID”. The music video is a filmed shadow play, insipred by Hans Christian Andersen’s immortal tale of the steadfast tin soldier, the fragile paper dancer and their ardent unspoken love. Andersen’s lesser-known passion for paper cutting is another source of inspiration.

“High Time” is a music album representing creative expressions from several passionate people, who dare to believe – it’s what the world needs to hear. Coming straight out from the underground rock scene, “CanZone” debut album contains ten original songs – half of them sung in band’s native language and the other half in world’s rockmusic language.

Rockband “CanZone” creates and performs music (fusion of rock, pop and folk) by focusing on the epic synthesis of electric guitar and accordion. Most of the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in studio “Lauska” (in Riga, Latvia) under the supervision of sound engineer Kaspars Barbals. Though a couple of songs were recorded working with studio “GEM” and studio Reinis Brigis.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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