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“Carnival Youth” present a single “Only the Moon Can See the Sun” shortly before the release of the new album “Good Luck”

Latvian indie rock trio Carnival Youth release a new single and video “Only the Moon Can See the Sun” a week before the release of the new album “Good Luck”.

Carnival Youth member Emils Kaupers reveals that the song is about procrastination: “I believe everyone has those little things on their mind that you can’t get rid of and they prevent you from being truly happy. You want to deal with these things and resolve them but it’s easier to put them off again and again. This can drag on forever. It’s difficult to finally take the first step so this song serves as an encouragement to be brave”.

 The music video was shot in Aluksne, Latvia by directors Ieva Aleksejeva and Peteris Viksna. Peteris describes the video as follows: “The video plays on the connection between dreams and reality using the lyrics as a point of reference. We interpreted the lyrics of the song both literally and through various abstract associations of the words and the symbols hidden within them”. This is the second music video that Carnival Youth have filmed in Aluksne and this time biathlete from Aluksne Andrejs Rastorgujevs is in the video as well.

The upcoming album “Good Luck” will be available in CD and double vinyl. Limited edition vinyl will also be available. The album was recorded last summer in Red Bull Studios in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is produced by the band’s long-time collaborator Gatis Zakis. The album was mixed by Grammy winning producer Nicolas Verhnes and the master was done by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in NYC.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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