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Carnival Youth return with a remix of “Only the Moon Can See the Sun” by Bel Tempo

Hit the dance floor with Carnival Youth as they release Bel Tempo’s remix of “Only the Moon Can See the Sun” with a glitchy remake of the original music video. The remix sharpens up the song, which appears on Carnival Youth’s 4th and latest album “Good Luck”, with the indie electronic duo’s signature spellbinding beats and gives a whole new spin to this procrastination anthem.

In the upcoming months, Carnival Youth will be releasing more remixes of “Good Luck” songs, all created by Latvian masterminds of electronic music. Emils Kaupers from Carnival Youth explains: “About a year ago we thought it’d be a cool idea to create a “Good Luck” remix album. We called up a few of our friends – artists and eventually came to a very colourful bunch. We gave them absolute freedom; they could choose the song themselves and do with it whatever comes to mind. Add new musical structures, use only the voice tracks, or remake songs beyond recognition. The results are very different and interesting. We believe that “Good Luck” has gained a new parallel life and we’re glad to say that the first of the remixes is our friends’ Bel Tempo interpretation of “Only the Moon Can See the Sun”.”

“Our remix is a tip of the hat to Caribou – one of Bel Tempo’s greatest inspirations, says Andis Ansons of Bel Tempo. “It refers specifically to his song “Sun”, which begins with that phrase.” Julijs Melngailis adds: “Bel Tempo and Carnival Youth go way back, and it feels like a circle completing an eclipse now that we’ve created a remix for “Only the Moon Can See the Sun”. What makes this occasion more fulfilling is the fact that I also took part in their “Only the Moon Can See the Sun” music video – we’ll let you guess where I come in.”

The Latvian indie band Carnival Youth is one of the most successful new generation bands from the Baltic region. Carnival Youth fuse neat melodic lines with the energy of alternative rock and indie music, while their emotion range varies from youthful melancholia to pure, bright joy. Since the formation of the band, Carnival Youth have released five records, from which the latest one – “Good Luck” came out in August 2019.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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