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Chris Noah announces a musical evening at “Tu jau zini kur” (You Know Where)

The talented local musician and internationally acclaimed songwriter Chris Noah invites listeners to a solo performance at the cultural space “Tu jau zini kur.” (You Know Where) on September 28. This beloved meeting place in the Tallin Street Quarter of Riga will resound with new music from the artist as well.

The program will feature Chris Noah’s most popular pieces (Sunboy, Only Yours, Spark, Fall Through), as well as melodies that have received less airplay but hold a special place in the musician’s heart. Additionally, the audience will have the opportunity to appreciate entirely new and unheard of musical creations.

“This is a special moment in my career that I want to celebrate among friends,” says Chris. “There is much beauty behind me and even more ahead, so I invite everyone to pause for a bit, stay in the moment and spend a beautiful fall evening together. This year, I have been actively working on new material, and I can’t wait to perform it to my guests.”

Chris Noah is a singer and songwriter highly regarded both within the local and international music scene. Throughout his career, he has released several successful singles that have entered various radio charts, and has been nominated for multiple “Zelta Mikrofons” awards, including Best Debut, Best Pop Music Recording, and Song of the Year. Since 2022, Chris Noah is signed to Sony Music Entertainment, which also represents stars such as Adele, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé, and Måneskin. As a songwriter, has also achieved success in the Eurovision Song Contest; this year the song “Stay”, written in collaboration with the Latvian producer JJ Lush and performed by Monika Linkite, represented Lithuania and took and impressive 11th place in the competition’s grand final in Liverpool.

This will be the musician’s first full-scale concert in Riga this year.
Tickets available at

MEL editor

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