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Chris Noah releases his first music video

Today on the 13th of November, the musician Chris Noah published his first music video for his single “Fall Through”, which has been made in collaboration with artists Peteris Viksna and Ieva Aleksejeva.

Chris Noah’s song “Fall Through” was released in the beginning of September to the most popular radio stations in Latvia and in music streaming platforms. The song “Fall Through” has received wide range of support not only from local listeners but also some foreign music tops and it has been added to some prestige music playlists both on YouTube and Spotify. British blogger “AlexRainBirdMusic” list, which includes this song, has been listened to more than 900 000 times and this song, has been added to many indie music lists in Spotify.

Authors of the music video tried not to hold on to the clichés, but they tried to preserve the video to suit the song, but at the same time letting the viewer make his own interpretations about what is seen. It has also been noted that this is the first music video of this artist and one of the main goals was to introduce the listeners with the main hero.

Chris Noah about the song: “In this song, I represent what it is like to be in a new relationship, when at first everything is great, everything is real, but when you stop and think about it, you realize that it has all been just in the beginning moments. We can indirectly see how fast our environment, perspective and feelings can change. It is just in our human nature that we are trying to find something new, or that we are trying to get answers to our uncertainties.”

Song has been made in collaboration with British music producer Kristofer Harris, who visited Latvia in May of 2018, to make three singles with this musician. Music video has been made, thanks to the collaboration with “Spirits & Wine”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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