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Composers, performers, music producers, as well as music managers are welcome to apply for the song workshop RIGaLIVE!

For the third time by the initiative of “Latvian Music Development Association/Latvian Music Export Office” an event is being organized for the members of the music industry with the aim to encourage cooperation, exchange experiences and increase their level of professionalism – a festival of creative masterclasses and song workshops called “RIGaLIVE”.

Composers, performers, music producers, as well as music managers are welcome to apply for the song workshop, which will take place from the 9th until the 11th of October of this year in Riga, Latvia.

We are announcing the beginning of application for the song workshop, where in 3 days time up to 10 work groups will be working on creating new songs. Each group will consist of 3 members – a composer, performer and a producer. Each day the groups will work for 8 hours in order to create a demo version of their songs, which will then be evaluated by a collective of experts, which will consist of representatives of both local and international professionals of the music industry. Besides the song workshop, there will also be masterclasses intended specifically for music managers.

Event order of the festival:

9th of October – introduction of the participants of masterclasses;

10th of October – songwriting workshop and listening;

11th of October – songwriting workshop and listening.

The goal of the participants is to create song that could be a radio hit in the Baltics in 2019. The songs created in RIGaLIVE workshops have received popular acclaim – for instance, “Zemes stunda” by ansis and Kristīne Pāže was ranked number 1 as the most played track in Latvia in all digital platforms, as well as Justs’ song “Falling Down” was included in the Spotify curated playlist “Fresh Finds”.

                        “I’m really impressed with the talent these musicians have. I think that some of these songs have radio potential,”

-Mikko Tukianen, Sony Music Finland

“I had participated in songwriting camps in other countries, but it was the first time for me in Latvia. I think that it went even better than abroad,”

-Aminata Savadogo, musician, representative of Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015

“It was an invaluable experience to witness how each “cook” works in the “kitchen”, what “spices” they were using and what tricks they had up their sleeves. If we’re talking about the songwriting process itself – it was an event that truly broadened my horizons.”

-ansis, hip-hop artist, producer, beat maker, participant of the 2nd session of RIGaLIVE


To apply, please fill in the application form until the 21th of September 2018. After evaluating the submissions, the participants of the workshop will be announced by the end of September.


Further information about lectures and other activities will be announced at a later time.

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