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Contest “Supernova 2019” semi-finalist Edgars Kreilis presents a new song and video

One of this year’s music and artist contest “Supernova 2019” semi-finalists Edgars Kreilis from Jelgava presents his song “Cherry Absinthe”, which now has a lyrics video. Edgars is one of the 16 semi-finalists and in 26th January he will fight for the chance to be in the finals.

Originally for the “Supernova 2019” contest Kreilis announced his song “Fire”, but in the semi-finals another song with the same title entered, then Edgars heard the suggestions for improving the song and decided to change the composition’s title to “Cherry Absinthe”.

The song “Cherry Absinthe” is about a girl that was met on New Year’s Eve. It’s about emotions that take over when you meet someone and about the explosion of feelings – about falling in love. Besides all the feelings, this is also a story about a great party and an adventure – the moment when you forget the absence of the last year and embark on the new one with other goals, wishes and feelings, enjoying the time that we are given.

The story and meaning of the song tells Edgars himself: “There’s is no doubt that behind every successful man stands a strong and a successful woman. And every blossoming relationship starts with a feeling that you can feel in every note of this song. At the moment I’m not sure how others will feel about “Cherry Absinthe”, but I’m confident that every listener will enjoy the great dose of positivism that dwells in it.”

“Cherry Absinthe” was written in the spring of 2018 in the second song writing camp “RIGaLIVE”. Event organisers had created a team that included producer Arnis Račinskis, as well as musicians Jūlijs Melngailis and Edgars Kreilis who were working together for the first time. In this songwriting camp musicians shared their ideas with each other and fulfilled the potential of the song by making it a tuneful story. And that’s how the song “Cherry Absinthe” was born – by three creative minds collaborating and just letting magic happen. Moreover, in the creative process guys decided that contest “Supernova 2019” will be a perfect place to introduce this song to a wider audience, letting it start the way to success.

The music authors of “Cherry Absinthe” are Edgars Kreilis, Jūlijs Melngailis and Arnis Račinskis, however the lyrics were written by Jūlijs Melngailis and Arnis Račinskis.

“Cherry Absinthe” is available on the streaming service Spotify and you can listen to it on the social platform Youtube.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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