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The long-awaited collaboration brings together two well known artists from the neighboring countries – Lithuania’s “Daddy Was A Milkman” and Latvia’s “BrainStorm”. From today,  October 31st, the new song called “This is how i feel” is avalable on all digital music streaming platforms and radio stations in Latvia and Lithuania. 

Renārs Kaupers remembers his Lithuanian friend Ramunas telling him ones about a guy who suddenly appeared on the Lithuanian sky of music with great songs and perfect English. Couple of years later they met each other here and there and it was always nice to meet Ignas who he says is a very sincere, simple and solid guy.

Igna’s band is known to Lithuanian and Latvian listeners as “Daddy Was a Milkman”, but their most popular song “Breathe In” is often found on radio playlists. “Daddy Was a Milkman” has visited Latvia several times, both at various festivals and with a solo concert at Arena Riga late last year.

The idea of collaboration was in the air for some time but the song or a theme wasn’t coming. And then one day quite a simple melody came to Renar’s mind that he recorded on a phone and sent to Ignas. 

“The first draft of “This is how I feel” sounds really funny now, because exactly nothing has left from the original theme”, adds Renārs Kaupers. Ignas and the producer Vitas played around with the song and added a very nice bridge part. In one of BrainStorm’s rehearsal we felt that this bridge sounds better than the original verse and offered to use it instead of the original one. Then I flew to Vilnius and we composed together a new chorus. Ignas quickly came up with lyrics and here we go, song was ready!”

“This song points out the strength of a friendship, power of connection that true friends have. There is this thing we all have in common – we need someone to trust and help us get things off the chest. And there comes a time when a laugh, a shared memory or even a single word of encouragement can work miracles if it’s with the right person at the right time. We wanted it to sound light and positive, though carry a simple but important message. “This Is How I Feel” is sort of encouragement to make time for our closest ones as we simply can not afford otherwise,” tells Ignas.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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