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“DAGAMBA” has issued the music video dedicated to Vivaldi .

Classical music hooligans, the band DAGAMBA, has issued the unique live performance video for the composition “Summer – Storm”, which is the group’s version of Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concert “Summer” from the cycle “Four Seasons “.

The video was filmed on the picturesque Cape Kolka at the end of this summer. “This video is very peculiar, because nothing in it has been recorded in a sound recording studio. Only live sounds are heard in the video – cello, piano, daf, drum and nature,”- says Valters Puce, the member of the band.

Video was created in co-operation with “Marana Productions”. “The most special thanks is to be expressed to the video’s director Dace Puce, who converted our crazy idea into a reality, and to the sound producer Andris Uze, as well as to all the production unit that  managed to overcome natural obstacles and to let everyone look and sound just beautiful,”- says Valters.

The video of this composition is considered as a forerunner of the band’s DAGAMBA upcoming album “Seasons”. Its presentation concert, which also will be the gala venue of the Latvian tour “Vivaldi Rocks”, will take place in Riga, at the Palladium concert venue on 12 November.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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