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Dainis Tenis – a pianist from Latvia – is releasing his first single momentum II

The piece is about repetitive moments in our daily lives, which very often are taken for granted and are not appreciated. Such as waking up for a new day, seeing thousands of colours or having a refreshing sip of water when You’re thirsty. momentum II sets focus on the big value in these tiny things.

Dainis is an active member of well known crossover, instrumental band DAGAMBA. As a band they perform worldwide including several arena concerts in Baltics and Russia, their albums had won numerous awards. After their debut in Glastonbury festival DAGAMBA has headlined many world known festivals.

As a soloist Dainis has performed with many orchestras, including Sinfonietta Riga, who has been awarded the grammy award. He had won numerous competitions as a classical pianist and has performed in several classical festivals, including Piano aux Jacobins.

The original music of Dainis Tenis is permeated with the sounds of acoustic, prepared pianos and synths. In Dainis’ music, lyrical melodies are enlaced with unusual harmonic solutions that highlight a broad spectrum of emotions from tranquil meditation to technical eruptions of energy.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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