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DJ Aspirins shares his new single “Sunshine Avenue”

One of the best Latvian scratch deejays DJ Aspirins releases a new song “Sunshine Avenue” featuring twin sister duo “Dvines”.

“When I was writing the song, I envisioned an anime cartoon with a girl who walks down the imaginaery “Sunshine Avenue” very vividly. She sees a boy and they run towards each other in slow motion (as they do in anime cartoons). At the end they watch the sunset together,” Ana – one of the twin sisters describes writing of the song.

DJ Aspirins  has been a prominent party rocker in the Baltics and a Red Bull 3Style champion, representing his country at the world finals in Tokyo. In 2018 he released his debut EP “Easy”. “Sunshine Avenue” indicates a new and funkier direction for Aspirins towards nu-disco sound.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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