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DJ [Ex] da Bass has created a remix for the TRIANA PARK Eurovision song LINE!

The international song competition Eurovision will take place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in 9–13 May. Following the “Supernova” song competition, Latvia will be represented at Eurovision by the band “Triana Park” with their piece “Line”.

The official remix of the song was produced by DJ [Ex] da Bass: “It has turned into a tradition for me to create a remix of the Eurovision national selection winner. This is the third year running. Both previous remixes for the hit songs of Aminata and Justs earned critical acclaim at radio stations in Europe and across the globe, as they were played by countless deejays in clubs the world over, and remixes of Aminata’s songs, including mine, were issued in the USA.”

This Sunday, 2nd of April, the band will be playing at the special Eurovision fan event in London. Possibly, the new remix will be played at the party before and after the concert.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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