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DVINES are back with their new debut single from the upcoming EP, expected by late spring.

After a lasting break, DVINES are back in business, presenting their new track – the debut single “SET IT ON FIRE” from the upcoming EP, in collaboration with DJ and producer MAKREE.

After deciding to take a break from any musical activity to find their unique sound, DVINES are back, planning to settle in the electronic pop dance genre.

“SET IT ON FIRE” tells about the desire to get rid of insecurities and anxieties, “set the fears on fire” and start a new life. The song is influenced by pop and house genres, written by both sisters, produced by MAKREE, joined by DJ Rudd, who also took part in the arrangement.

DVINES is a twin sister duo, known for their original songs, appearances at various TV shows and also for collaborations with various dance music producers, including MAKREE, with whom DVINES have successfully collaborated on their last release – “LOUD”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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