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Elizabete Balčus to release a full-length celebrating the body, its place in the universe, as well as the universe found within its fleshy walls!

On August 16th, 2022, the classical and jazz-trained flautist and electronica artist unveils via Mothland a pop noir number titled: “Narcissism Purgatory“, which serves as a conduit to the furthest depths of the artist’s psyche.

The followup to title-track “Hotel Universe”, softly released last June, is laced with what seems to be infinite layers of polyrhythms, flutes, synthesizers, dichotomous pleads as well as samples from unknown origins.

Last but not least, the song also features an inspired percussive contribution from English comedian James Acaster, who provides a lift through intricate drumming.

he song came to me after a festival. I had a panic attack there and a Ukrainian model was trying to calm me down. A week later, I went to a salon for a massage and had flashbacks from that festival, which led to me thinking that the therapist was carrying out some kind of exorcism or mummification ritual on me.

I wanted the song to be a reliving of the experience I had so I invited Ukrainian model Olya Yakusheva who was with me at the time to add vocals to the track. I mostly work with electronics but on this occasion I wanted some live drums in there as there’s a wild feel to the song. So I asked James Acaster, a comedian from the U.K., who happily agreed.

– Elizabete Balčus

MEL editor

MEL editor

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